Ethiopian Traditional and Contemporary Designs

Habesha traditional articles have a long history of beautiful designs. This artform has passed down through the generations from parents to their children to their children's children. The weavers have been immersed in their craft from a young age and create patterns and designs with such fluid mastery. This art has adhered to set kinds of patterns for a long time until recently. Artistry started to become valued, which prompted the weavers and people of craft to take designs and fuse them with a modern touch.
The weavers deserve respect and recognition for providing authenticity and artistic value that can be found nowhere else. But they have been victims of a long history of under-appreciation, discrimination and systematic degradation even given their magnificent craft.
The internet has given these extremely talented craftspeople a way to share their artistry with a world that appreciates their hard work and creativity.
Help them attain their due respect and recognition by spreading the word of their work.
Habesha Fashion and Design is here to stay.

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